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solutions for individuals

The right training format for every type of learner. More than 1,700 further training offers deepen know-how and open up new subject areas

"It is a privilege for me as a lecturer to support and develop the customers of such an established professional development expert with my expertise and experience."



Reuter management training has been an authorized training partner of the Society for Project Management (GPM) for more than 20 years. In addition, REUTER management training is one of the largest German providers offering such a GPM certification. Due to the many years of experience and the high practical relevance of the courses, many participants pass the IPMA certification right away and can thus take their project management to a new level. 

seminar and study trip

Manage projects agilely and develop high-performance project teams. 

100% digital & agile learning and training experience


With INSIGHTS MDI®, an extensive, scientifically proven toolbox (MDI stands for Management Development Instruments) that has been tried and tested for decades is available, which enables companies to hire the right employees, to use and expand their strengths efficiently in the interests of corporate success, and to build high-performing teams to form all hierarchical levels.

Recognized worldwide
The INSIGHTS MDI® diagnostic tools are now used in 35 countries, 16 languages and around 20 target group-specific variants to analyze values, behavior and skills, and that more than 6.5 million times by over 100,000 companies worldwide, including BSH Bosch Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Munich Re or Sony.

"As a trained INSIGHTS MDI Consultant, I use certain INSIGHTS MDI tools for selected projects. I find them simple and, in most cases, meaningful."

Mentally Fit is an international training and coaching institute based in Brussels. Founded in 1996, around 70 experienced trainers and coaches now work at various Mentally Fit locations worldwide (Brussels, Panama, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Moscow, Lille). The roots can be found in top-class sport. Mentally Fit is one of the most renowned training institutes worldwide and has been supporting multinational companies in particular in achieving the best possible results for many years.


"The feeling of being part of a global team and working with international colleagues on multinational customer projects is fascinating."

"I had the opportunity to get to know Andreas during Mentally Fit's Mental Coaching School. I was immediately drawn to his coaching style: direct, precise and very empathetic. Andreas gives his coachees his full attention, really listening and full of commitment to the person. His " "quiet strength" makes you feel like you are in good hands to reach your full potential.  He is truly impressive and inspiring. It was a privilege to meet him!"

Nathalie Van Ryssel

Innovation Manager Abbott

"I have worked several times with Andreas in the context of coaching a cross boarder group in Europe. Andreas fully understands the challenges of getting people with different cultural backgrounds and with different reporting lines to work together. I especially like his drive for performance and results , linked to his experience in the sports world.Always calm and good observer, Andreas knows how to get his message across.

Stefan van Geyt

Group Chief Investment Officer, KBL European Private Bankers

"We appreciate Mentally Fit as a very result- and practice-oriented partner. Andreas Prause and Alain Goudsmet manage to build top teams at the highest management level with a lot of empathy, wealth of experience and well-founded know-how. I particularly like the successful transfer from the world of _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Top Sports. We realize how important it is to develop emotional and physical skills in our business."  
Stefan Genten 

Managing Director & CFO Grünenthal 

"I am very impressed by Andreas' knowledge and his authentic coaching style. He is a very inspiring coach. He is excellent at transferring his experiences from the world of top-class sport to the business world. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with him and especially his warm personality to get to know".
Ellen Beckers,

Supervisor training, Eurocontrol

"Andreas is an excellent coach. He accompanied our team building process for our international sales team very successfully. It was an "eye opener" for each individual and the entire team to get to know the building blocks and the meaning of a "dream team" or a top team".

Mishra Prakash,

Sales Director Umicore

German Lufthansa
Sharpist Berlin
RS2 - beyond payment
Entega medianet
smart-Daimler AG
Novo Nordisk
Beckon Dickinson
Wirtschaftswoche magazine
Roche Diagnostics
Deutsche Bank
DB Systel GmbH
piabo GmbH
Still GmbH / Kion
Reuter management training
Continental Automotive

Selection of some references from the corporate world

References from high-performance sport


Germany Women's National Hockey Team - 2018-2020


German women's field hockey national team - DANAS

Asperformance coach  it was a matter close to my heart the DANAS from December 2018 to January 2021 on their way to theTokyo 2020 Olympic Gamesto support 2021.

KBHB - Hockey Belgium - 2010 - 2018

The Olympic sport of hockey is the second most popular sport in Belgium after soccer. In recent years, the structures for promoting young talent and the women's and men's national teams have become very professional. The Red Lions (men's national team) are now among the top 5 teams in the world.

For 8 years (2010 - 2018) I significantly supported the coach training of the national hockey coaches (U15 coaches - U21 coaches). In addition, I supported various national squads (U18 & U21 men), as well as the men's indoor hockey national team (Indoor Red Lions) from 2015/2016 to 2018 for the European and World Championships. 

In the years 2016 - 2018 I accompany the women's national team (Red Panthers).


"I am very proud to be part of the Belgian hockey family and to establish Team Belgium at the top of the world".


"Andreas has been part of the Belgian High Performance Program for five years. His contribution is characterized by high quality, clearly structured and extremely high relevance for all supported players and coaches. Andreas co-initiated and developed the Be Gold Mental Coaching Academy. It performs a fundamental contribution in the training and development of the national hockey coaches. The coaching skills are further developed in a focused manner. This significantly professionalizes the environment of the squad athletes. Andreas makes a decisive contribution to successfully representing Belgian hockey at European and international level. "

Murray Richards, High Performance Director, Belgium Hockey Federation


Mental coach women's national hockey team, "Red Panthers" 2016 - 2018 

Red Panthers Hockey

Head Coach Be Gold Mental Coaching Academy 2012 - 2018

Training U 15 - U 21 coach

Mental Coaching mit Andreas Prause

"Andreas was there to push me to my limits. Not only my mental limits but when I left his place I always wanted to do 100 times more. 
Each time I got 2/3 new tools to see where I was in my development and also to keep me focused on my goals. I learned a lot of those last years!! Learned a lot on me, on others and on what is really top sports"

Mentalcoach Hallenhockey

Mental coach indoor hockey national team men 2016 - European Champion II - and on the way to the European and World Championships 2018

Mentalcoach Fussball U21

Mental Coach U 21 Men's National Team "Red Cougars" 2013 on the way to and during the World Championships in India 

Aisling D´Hooge - 

Best Keeper of the Euro 2017 in Amsterdam

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