Developing clear strategy consulting, agile Leadership and teams into High Performance Teams are fundamental success factors in the time of digitisation.

"Accomplishing the agile and digital transformation in SME´s and scale up Tech Companies


Use the successful "Accelerate Agile Retention plus Programme"

with many easy, practical and successful tools. Bring your employees on board and establish a strategic, consistent and agile leadership culture so that they can fly your company flag and thus accomplish the agile and digital transformation

Consistent strategy consulting, agile leadership training and the development of teams into successful high performance teams through trust, clarity and mental, emotional strength - learn from top-level sport and modern brain research.

Each project in a company or in top-class sports fascinates me due to the new opportunity to create something "very special" together. For example, giving impetus to a successful medium-sized family enterprise (about 450 employees) to create an atmosphere where every employee (even those working in production) has the feeling of leaving a joint mark on the company through their own personal contribution and to work on something "unique".


It fascinates me to see what jolt goes through a company if every employee (regardless of hierarchy) also clearly senses and understands "why things are done the way they are "and" what WE stand for". As soon as the employees are really ready to wear the company "jersey" , goals and visions which were previously on paper and glossy brochures are actually addressed and often achieved.

The energy that is palpable through this natural commitment of employees throughout the whole company makes the difference in the quality of the products. „Yes, we want to work together for the best possible product, for our team, for our company“.

We can observe this passion and determination frequently in teams in top-level sports. Profound influence so that this succeeds even in difficult situations and problematic times is what coaches and trainers have. They invest a lot of time and energy into the team development (team dynamics) and the development of each individual player.

Executives in medium-sized enterprises have the same responsible role in my belief: To organise, coach and lead people in such a way and thus create a trustful working atmosphere so that employees are willing to wear the "company jersey" with pride and work very well together as a team and in this way successfully solve (customer) problems - especially in times of digitisation.




  • More than 20 years of professional experience in the corporate world and in top-level sport

  • More than 10800 training / coaching sessions (individually and in teams)

  • More than 150 strategy and personal development programs implemented

  • Support for over 115 teams (national and international, management teams, functional teams, national and club teams)

  • Over 4500 participants in workshops and seminars

  • Success rate 92%

  • Inter (national) assignments in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Liechtenstein, USA, Dubai, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, India

Opinion from a Top 100 medium-sized company

opinion Tim Mois, General Manager and Founder of sipgate - IT


Clients testimonials about ap-FührungsKULTUR

“Andreas provides excellent coaching services applying on the Corporate world, lots of lessons learned at the sport arena. 
He adjusts easily his language regardless your position or role in the organization or team. 
Andreas encourages resilience, determination and self-reflection skills by showing the importance of mindfulness"

Alfredo Parra

Head of Trade Finance Flow North Asia, Deutsche Bank

"We are a young and successful software company specialising in the public sector. Andreas helps us prepare our team for the challenges of growth and develop our capabilities throughout the entire organisation in line with our future roles. He has not only directed my attention to the numerous areas of activity outside daily life as an expert, and thereby contributed  substantially to a positive business development thanks to his cooperative relationship. The sports analogies in particular mean that our team understand his working approaches well. Andreas has built up a very trustworthy relationship with all of our employees during the course of our partnership and is therefore also included in problem-solving even in sensitive issues."

Dr. Christian Knebel

Managing Director, publicplan

"Andreas Prause has tremendous experience, expertise and clear structure, even in the peripheral regions of day-to-day work. Therefore a broadly diversified knowledge of transfer was possible. Excellent post-processing and dispatch of the flipchart presentations.

Through the coaching, even with many top athletes, he was able to give us a lot of tips and tricks even in our everyday lives.

Excellent leading of the seminars and fun at the talks are testament to the quality of Andreas Prause. He has created a very pleasant atmosphere, and passed on very constructive and helpful criticism. The previous 3 coaching days were very informative for all participants.

The spontaneous and flexible programme changes at the request of the participants without taking the eye off the ball was very appealing to us. Each participant was actively addressed to discuss practical measures

for day-to-day life. One immediately felt comfortable, integrated and collected. I would like to say a sincere thank you from my side.


A perfect service provider with 1+-rating, unreservedly recommendable for everyone or every company". May 2016

Bernd Streng 

Authorized Signatory, Roka Werk

"It’s been great to work with Andreas. 
You can definitely tell he has big expertise and he is able to use it at its best for coaching you toward smart awareness. 
His approach can be of real support, both sharing useful tools and “restarting your mind”. 
I would say very helpful to re-organize one’s thoughts in those moments of (unproductive) mental chaos and also to improve team management. Thanks"

Michele Alba,

Procurement, TMA & Chemical Business Manager, Grünenthal 

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